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The Recreation Center Policy on Clubs

Until further notice there will be no Visitors or Guests.  New members are welcome but they cannot be a Visitor first.

Visitor and Guest Policies

Club Visitors

A visitor is a current RCSC member and may attend only one yoga mat class before becoming a member of the club. Visitors pay the same $3 fee as members. Membership is open to all RCSC cardholders. Visitors must show their RCSC card with their picture on it and read and sign a waiver form.

  Hatha Yoga Club Guest Policy

Yoga members in good standing may invite and escort a non-RCSC member to a yoga class during the period of May 1 through October 31 and December 20 through 31. (Evening classes will allow guests year round.) The Guest Policy is as follows:

Guest MUST be escorted by a member of the club. The member stays with their guest for the class.

Guest will pay a $10 guest fee. The RCSC fee is included in the fee. NO punch cards or daily passes will be accepted.

Guests must be 16 years or older.

Does not pertain to chair classes, only mat classes.

Guests MUST NOT displace a member.