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My yogic journey began some years ago and I am absolutely amazed at the scope of study available to anyone who has the desire to delve into yoga. Thereís so much to learn and do and explore! Oh, the potential!! Currently a 500RYT, Yoga Nidra certified facilitator and Reiki II provider, I continue to study.  My teaching style tends to be more organic, with slow measure and intentional movement. This way one can learn to lessen the effort and rest in grace. This is what is meant by effortless effort; a goal of the physical asana practice which cultivates a steadiness and ease that transcends the mat and subtly becomes a part of day to day life.

I love the treasure hunt(!) as so many other disciplines and healing modalities have dropped into my life and have become a part of my own practice. The desire to learn and share keeps me motivated and I am loving and appreciating the privilege to teach and do one-on-one healing work with clients even more.  Letís explore this journey together! I joyfully invite you to play with your findings through the yogic practices asana, private work, or even (yogic) sleep! Thereís much to do, and wonder awaits! I hope to see you on the mat soon! Namaste Sarve (the light within salutes the light in All). Love, Kathryn xo

  Kathryn teaches the following classes:
         Thursday 8am
         Friday 9am
         Saturday 8am