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My yoga journey began humbly in 1975, in a middle school wrestling room of all places! Though I was too young to understand what yoga was all about it certainly caught my attention. In my teens I practiced using the book Richard Hittleman's Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan and by watching Lilias Folan on PBS. I dropped the practice as a young adult to pursue other athletic endeavors but discovered "power" yoga in the mid 90's and began my formal training and teaching. I received my first 200hr certification through YogaFit and since moving to Phoenix completed another 200hr certification and two 500hr certifications through Holy Yoga. I will always be a student of this amazing practice!

Yoga is so many things to me and it's what I like to share with others. Itís a fun, athletic practice that helps keep us strong, that gives us confidence to be willing to try new things. Yoga teaches us balance; how to move in harmony with our bodyís energies, not overdoing but finding spaciousness and ease on and off the mat. Yoga is also a spiritual practice. It helps bring order and mindfulness to our sometimes scattered lives. Yoga, much like meditation, prayer, and fasting, can ground us and connect us to God and others in deeper, more meaningful ways.

I so enjoy leading classes at the Hatha Yoga Club! A beautiful studio, a wonderful staff and committed students who find joy in moving and breathing and living life to the fullest!

Nimet teaches Mondays at 10:30am.