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About the Club

The men and women members of the Sun City HATHA YOGA CLUB meet several times each week, see the "Class Schedule" web page, to share the yoga experience in a warm quiet, fun environment designed to promote good mental/emotional health and physical well-being.

The yoga we practice consists of breathing, stretching, meditation, concentration and relaxation.  Each session an instructor takes us through about eighty minutes of yoga postures (called Asanas) followed by a meditative relaxation.

One of the lessons of yoga is learning to listen to your own body.  If you have a problem with any of the postures due to your own physical limitations (such as bad knees, arthritis, pulled muscles, surgery, etc.), you can just skip or modify the posture to fit your own needs.

All levels of yoga practitioners (beginner/advanced) attend our sessions with each person doing only what his/her body can do and practicing at his/her own level.

It's important to remember that there is no competition in yoga.  Do only what your body tells you it can do.

In addition to a Yoga mat & small blanket, you'll eventually want to purchase a 4" yoga block and a yoga strap.

And finally, for your own comfort when practicing yoga, wear comfortable, loose clothing and don't eat at least two hours prior to class.