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The Recreation Center Policy on Clubs

Guidelines For Yogis

So that practice will be the best experience for each of us, we ask that you be respectful of others as follows:

• Please arrive no less than fifteen minutes early to sign in and pay so that everyone, including the monitors, can be settled on their mats before practice begins. We really appreciate the members that arrive 25 minutes early! It is also helpful to the monitors if you bring exact change - $3.

• Be sure to sign in and pay before putting your mat down (whether you are in the hall or in the room), so that the monitors can keep track of who has paid.  WAIT until the previous class comes out also!

• Please honor those who have arrived on time. The stop sign on the closed door means that class has already started with announcements. Expect the door to be closed 10 minutes before class.

• Please understand that yoga is practiced in a warm environment to prevent injury, so dress in layers that can be removed or added as needed for your own personal comfort. If you tend to get too warm, please place your mat on the side of the room where the fans are running.

• As some of our members may have allergies, please refrain from wearing any fragrance to practice. We are a scent free club.

• Please leave your shoes and bags at the door and when moving about the room and please do not step on anyone else’s mat.

• Because you and your neighbor will need space in certain poses, it’s best not to line up your mat exactly with the one next to you …stagger it like you're laying bricks. 4 rows of mats are needed at times!

• The final relaxation is as important as the postures that precede it; if you must leave early, please go quietly before shavasana begins so as not to disturb others.

• If a class is in session before your class, please wait in the hall until the earlier class has had time to gather their shoes and bags…just like you would let those on an elevator exit before you try to enter. (They will be out within 10 minutes.) And remember they have just come out of relaxation so be kind…as you would want those coming into a class following yours.

• And, of course, turn off all electronics, phones, apple watches, ipads, etc. before class announcements begin, please!