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Chair Yoga

Strength - Flexibility - Balance

The Hatha Yoga Club also offers CHAIR YOGA for those who may have difficulty transitioning to and from the floor. Participation is limited to 20 students per class.

A traditional mat yoga practice includes yoga postures performed sitting, lying, or standing on a mat on the floor. But what about those of us who simply cannot exercise from the floor for one reason or another? What if itís not possible to get on hands and knees or sit in a cross-legged position?

CHAIR YOGA is the answer!  is the answer! Providing all the benefits of a traditional practice, chair yoga allows students to perform and enjoy the postures while seated and standing, using the chair for support.

Like a traditional mat practice, the regular practice of chair yoga can provide benefits such as increased strength, flexibility, muscle tone, better balance, and improved breathing. Not only can your physical self be improved, but so can your psychological health expand. Regular practitioners report mental calmness, stress reduction, and more awareness of their bodies.

Please note, that chair yoga classes work both in seated and standing positions. Chair students must be able to stand up from an armless chair without assistance.

Join the club at the beginning of any class. Arrive 20 minutes early, bring your RCSC photo ID card, the membership application, and both payments ($15). Exact change or check only, please.