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The Recreation Center Policy on Clubs

Membership Requirements

Hatha Yoga Club is open to all RCSC members in good standing. A photo RCSC member card must be shown when joining the club.

RCSC cardholders may attend one session and pay the class fee of $5.00 as a visitor before joining the club.

Fee per session is $5.00. Exact change is needed. Personal checks are accepted, and 10-class punch cards are available for $40.

Club Membership is $10.00 for one calendar year.

Members must show their Yoga Club membership card to sign in for each class and must have it attached to their mat during class.

Please remember Hatha Yoga Club belongs to all of us, and it is every memberís responsibility to pitch in and help keep the club functioning. All class participants are expected to volunteer to act as class monitor. Please be diligent and volunteer to monitor frequently.

Members will abide by RCSC code of conduct. Any issues or problems are to be discussed with a Club Officer after practice.