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Getting Started

Hatha Yoga Club classes are taught by certified instructors who offer step-by-step instruction and modifications or variations for the yoga poses. Each class consists of breathing, stretching, strengthening, concentration, and relaxation.

One of the lessons of yoga is learning to listen to your own body. If you have a problem with any of the postures due to physical limitations (such as bad knees, arthritis, pulled muscles,etc.), the instructor can help you modify the posture to fit your own needs.

All levels of yoga practitioners attend our sessions, with each person practicing at his/her own level and doing only what his/her body can do on that particular day.

There is no competition in yoga. Yoga is not about being perfect, or being the best, or pushing yourself past your own limits. It’s called a yoga practice because it is about self-discovery and enjoying the process.

Welcome to the Hatha Yoga Club. We’re glad you are here!

Yoga Equipment (Props)

All you need to get started is a yoga mat and a couple of yoga blocks. Later on, you may want to purchase a yoga strap. You don’t need to spend a lot to get started with yoga. Decent props are available at reasonable prices from Walmart, T.J. Maxx, Amazon, Target, etc.

Yoga Mat

Decent mats are available for less than $20.

Standard measurements for a mat are 68” x 24”. Some mats are longer, which is fine…but you don’t want a mat wider than 24”.

Not too thick! Standard thickness is about 4mm-6mm, or about ¼”. Thicker is not better! Mats more than about ¼” thick are less stable, making many yoga postures more difficult.

Yoga Blocks

You will need 2 yoga blocks.

Cost is around $10 for 2 blocks.

Get the lightweight foam blocks, not cork or wood blocks.

Standard size is 4”x6”x9”. Blocks are also available in a 3” size.

Yoga Strap

Cost is less than $10.

Look for a strap that is 1”- 1 ½” wide. Width is a personal choice but generally smaller hands prefer a thinner strap.

An 8’ or 10’ strap is preferred. Avoid getting a 6’ strap.

A metal D-ring buckle is better than a plastic buckle.

A cotton-based strap usually feels better in your hand than a nylon strap.